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3 Methods of Improving your Small Business Marketing Plan

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Marketing can be tough when you are a small business. Most small business owners feel overwhelmed when they hear about online marketing, pay per click ads, search engine optimization, video marketing, social media management, designing corporate identities, etc. Too many businesses fail because owners are unsure of how to do their marketing.

When I started my first small business, IĀ got help from a WordPress web designer to create a website, and I thought I could sit back and wait for business to come to me.

Was I in for a surprise!

I didn’t understand the concept of driving traffic to a website. This lead me down a path of using PPC ads, then teaching myself SEO, and finally learning about the intricacies of Facebook marketing.

But this was a tough and long road to go down. Following this road lead to me finding a new passion, but what if your small business is already your passion?

Where do you start?

Obviously you need a decent website first up. Then you need to figure out where your target customers are. Perhaps you can get business through Youtube marketing by publishing regular videos. If you do, make sure to get a professional voice over artist to work with you. Alternatively, you could explore PPC ads, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn Ads. Even Instagram has an ad platform these days.

The online world really is your oyster these days. The trick is to know where to start. And that is based on your target market.

If you can find out where your target market hangs out online, you are halfway there.